PS Strategies has over a century of combined working experience in media strategy, production, and placement. We pride ourselves on our dedicated and focused team, and our creative and fun office environment. Please feel free to get in touch!

Mary Ann Pruitt - An award winning vocalist, Mary Ann has an ear for tone, and passion for the science of placement. As co-founder and managing partner of PS Strategies, Mary Ann hails from the media side of the branding equation. Her attention to a targeted, methodical approach of media placement and overall strategy has served the clients goals successfully for years. Her years of experience on the media side allows her to negotiate the greatest value possible for the client partners of PS Strategies. And yes, singing karaoke with her is fairly intimidating.

Paxson Woelber - Paxson’s idea of a relaxing weekend is hiking a glacier or kayaking in many of the breathtaking waterways of Alaska. As a creative partner for PS Strategies, Paxson joins the PS team to work on websites, print, and digital projects. His eye for the unique has given life to more than one amazing visual campaign for our clients. And yet with the artistic flair that he possesses, Paxson also works and develops some of the most effective websites in Alaska. Whether the site needs an e-commerce component, or an engaging visual to draw customers, Paxson builds to please.

Brian Dollerhide - Creative. Motivated. Stunningly handsome. Brian is all these things and more. As Creative Director for PS Strategies, Brian has turned the spark of inspiration into tangible form. Whether the medium is web, radio, print, or television, Brian works with the staff and client partners to bring form to their ideas. His unique perspective allows clients to see themselves from a different point of view, and make a more impactful presence in their branding efforts. Is he a lifelong Alaskan? Yes. Has he seen the world? Yes. Has he created viral web content that you’ve seen? Oh my yes.

Arturo Cosio - Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, Arturo is a pro’s pro. As an Account Executive for PS Strategies, Arturo is the main point of contact for many of our bedrock clients, and tireless promoter for their branding goals. Arturo walks clients through a complete needs assessment, helps them evaluate their goals, and develops a long term communications plan that outlines a plan and the tools used to create success. For many of our client partners, his calm, reassuring demeanor and attention to detail has been the missing ingredient to their marketing goals. Many don’t even hold his love of the New York Yankees against him.

Will Caynor - Every team needs a numbers guy. At PS Strategies, Will Caynor is that guy. As the Media and Traffic Coordinator, it’s Will who scrubs the numbers for ratings points, targeted demographic groups, and keyword searches. If it sounds like he gets into the weeds of the science of placement, he does. Advertising, sales, and competition are a numbers game, and Will plays that game with a cool hand and an eye on the overall goal. He works with the account management staff on most projects, keeping them and our client partners apprised of upcoming opportunities to maximize their ROI. And he plays a solid shortstop on our softball team as well.