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Political Media and Placement

The nationally-recognized media team here at PS Strategies is unlike any other. Our media team has repeatedly shown the capacity to outperform our competition. Our expertise includes knowing what information to request of outlets, and the science and strategy to optimize and deliver an efficient media schedule. We do everything from negotiating for the extra dollar on a radio, television or print advertisement, to getting those added values that can help push your message. We work closely with our clients to identify and accomplish their goals, all while respecting deadlines and budgets.

Digital Marketing

Establishing an online presence is an important step for any organization. Through Digital Marketing we can generate higher visibility of a campaign and increase awareness and engagement.

 Our years of experience ensure that we will direct significantly more visitors to your site, while analyzing their behavior and providing guidance for streamlining your message further. Two sub-categories of our Digital Marketing are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Strategy and Targeting

We will create a detailed communications plan and strategy to meet your messaging needs, and place your media to best reach your target audience, maximizing the efficiency of your campaign budget.

This includes custom reporting so you are always informed of every campaign’s performance.

Graphic and Web Design

We design visuals for print and other traditional media. But whether on a computer — or increasingly, on a phone — much of your audience is going to look for you first on the internet. We work with you to present your message over this medium that can support video, audio, and real-time interaction.


Print design allows clients to interact with a target audience through magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mailers, door hangers, and other creative forms of printed communication. With strategy, art direction, production, and printing all in-house, PS Strategies can take print projects from concept to completion.


With 92% of American adults listening to commercial radio broadcasting every week, radio remains a strong and cost-effective form of marketing communication. PS Strategies has an in-house professional-quality sound booth available for recording spots.While our Creative Department writes copy and produces radio spots, our Media Department is using their expertise and science to buy and place ads. We regularly prove our expertise to our clients by demonstrating the return on their investment.


PS Strategies creates and produces television spots for many clients, both for traditional broadcast and for online video content. We create projects based on live action film, traditional animation, photography, motion graphics, or a combination of techniques. Our in-house studio and access to large music and audio effect archives ensures the highest-quality product for our clients.

Social Media

Our clients benefit from quality, interactive posts and communications with current and new stakeholders via social media. From mini-video postings to professional photographs, PS Strategies can record, edit, and post immediately for the most effective interactions and results.

PS Strategies is able to offer full management / administration of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube channel/subscription.

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